This is KRAV

KRAV is a label for organic food, produced without artificial chemical pesticides. Read more about the KRAV label below.


KRAV - a label for organic food

Look for the KRAV-label in your grocery store if you, like us, want a society without artificial chemical pesticides and food production that is more sustainable. Eating better is eating KRAV-labelled food.

Environment and health

KRAV-labelled food must be as natural as possible and is therefore produced in a way that is good for the environment, without artificial chemical pesticides and artificial fertilizer.

Climate impact

Climate impact is one of the areas where the KRAV standards are more stringent than the EU regulations for organic production. KRAV has a total of 37 standards that are good for the climate.


Organic farms have on average 30 percent more species of plants, birds and pollinators. By purchasing KRAV-labelled foods you can contribute to increased biodiversity.

Animal welfare

The starting point for KRAV-certified animal husbandry is respect for the natural needs of animals with regard to their behaviour, feed and habitat.

Better working conditions

A basis for all organic farming is global solidarity. By adding better working conditions to the KRAV Standards, KRAV goes a step further.

This can be KRAV labelled

The KRAV label can be found on products in your grocery store. The KRAV label can also be found in restaurants, school cafeterias, barns, apiaries, bakeries, slaughterhouses, fishing boats and other places where food is produced and handled.