Download The KRAV Standards

The KRAV Standards are adapted to the IFOAM Standards and included in IFOAM Family of Standards. The KRAV Standards also fulfil the EU regulation for organic production (EC) No 834/2007. In some cases the KRAV Standards are stricter than the EU standards. The KRAV Standards encompass a wider variety of enterprises, such as certification of restaurants and fisheries.

The KRAV Standards are improved on an ongoing basis and changes are published once a year on the KRAV website.

The KRAV Standard for textile raw materials was cancelled as of 1 January 2015. For organic certification of textiles we recommend the international certification Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS).

Standards for KRAV-labelling of production certified according to other organic standards is in chapter 16.

Standards 2021

The 2021 edition of the KRAV standards enters into force 1 January 2021.

Read more and download the KRAV Standards 2021.


New in the KRAV Standards 2021

We have revised Chapter 4 Crop Production, Chapter 10 Slaughter, and made new standards on climate, that are in Chapter 3. The types of production Single Product Certification (Chapter 13) and Shops (Chapter 14) have been cancelled. In Chapter 20 Labelling and Marketing, we have updated the standards with the aim of simplifying and making them more user-friendly. Parts covered by laws and regulations have been excluded, while other relevant parts have been highlighted in a separate trademark manual with the aim of guiding and inspiring.

Standards 2019-2020 version 2

The Standards entered into force 1 January 2020.