Influence The KRAV standards

The KRAV Standards contain standards for the entire food-production chain and all types of food production. This means that we have standards for crop production, animal husbandry, feed production, food processing, catering, restaurants, fisheries, etc.


Did you know that you can influence the KRAV Standards?

The purpose of the KRAV Standards is, among other things, to promote the KRAV goal of organic production as defined in the statutes of The KRAV Association, and as well to serve as a starting point for influencing other regulatory frameworks.

The goal for KRAV’s review of the KRAV Standards is to create a comprehensive and functioning regulatory framework that reflects KRAV’s objectives for organic production. As part of the review, the text is updated and clarified in line with other regulatory frameworks or standards, such as the IFOAM standards, EU regulations for organic production, and Swedish legislation. Development of new standards is done together with producers, consumer and environmental organisations, researchers, and the business sector. The KRAV standards committee contributes a broad range of expertise independent from KRAV, which means that the standards are scrutinised from different points of view.

KRAV’s work to improve the Standards is ongoing, but new standards are published either every year or every other year. In exceptional cases, the standards may need to be updated here on the website, which can mean that some of the standards in the printed book of standards have been changed before the next book of standards is printed. The current standards are however always available here on the KRAV website. You can also find information here about, amongst other things, the revisions in progress. You can also read about changes in the new standards as soon as they are confirmed.


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