License price list

In order to become KRAV-certified and to be able to use the KRAV label, you must pay for both the certification process and the KRAV license. The fee for the certification process is paid to the certification body, while the license fee is paid to KRAV. The revenue from KRAV licenses is used to strengthen the KRAV brand, which benefits all those that are KRAV-certified. There are both initial fees and annual fees.

See below to download the price list (PDF).


What do I get for the license fee?

  • Access to one of Sweden’s strongest trademarks, which strengthens your own profile. The trademark has a recognition rate of 99% and almost all Swedes consider buying KRAV-labelled products. (Source: Kantar Sifo.)
  • Cost-effective marketing of the KRAV label through, among other things, media attention, the popular KRAV website where KRAV writes about the added value of KRAV-certified production, many followers of KRAV on Facebook, and initiatives together with KRAV-certified companies in shops.
  • Addition to the much used searchable list on the KRAV website of KRAV-labelled products, companies and restaurants.
  • Development of the KRAV standards, and also the opportunity to influence them.
  • An updated digitial version of the standards in Swedish, that is easy to browse, at and as a mobile app (Swedish).
  • Information and support to facilitate certification. Feel free to contact us at
  • Lobbying for the EU minimum standards for organic production to become effective and practical.
  • Statements by KRAV in the media and responses to criticism, often together with KRAV-certified companies.
  • Trademark protection of the KRAV label.