For companies

There is information here for KRAV-certified companies outside of Sweden, for those considering becoming KRAV-certified or who want to supply to a KRAV-certified company.

Certification of KRAV-organic Products

There are two options if you want to get the KRAV-label on organic products that are imported or brought in to Sweden. Either your company apply to become a KRAV-licencee or you find a KRAV-certified importer.

Extra Requirements for all Products

More about our extra requirements for all products regarding: Social Responsibility, Protection of Natural Areas of High Conservation Value and Genetically Modified Organisms.

Product Specific Extra Requirements

Product Specific extra requirements for Processing, Packaging and handling, Slaughter and Primary production.

Support and tools

Download guidelines, checklists and more.

Frequently Asked Questions

The questions and answers are divided into the categories of:

  • KRAV-certified companies and suppliers to KRAV-certified companies
  • Only KRAV-certified companies
  • Mitt KRAV

Download the KRAV-label

Our page where you can download the KRAV logo in  different file formats.

Login - Mitt KRAV

In Mitt KRAV, you need register your company information, contact information and production data and annually varify that it is correct.

License price list

To be KRAV-certified and to use the KRAV label, there is a fee for the certification process and for the KRAV license.

Certification bodies

Read about certification bodies that are accredited for KRAV-certification and do KRAV-certification outside Sweden.