Become KRAV-certified

A company must be certified according to the KRAV Standards in order to KRAV-label products. KRAV-certified companies are responsible for complying with the KRAV Standards.


The KRAV Standards can be used as follows:

  • Processing companies, as well as companies packaging and handling unpackaged products outside the Nordic countries can be certified. If the production is located outside the EU and EEA, section 3.10 “General Standards for Certification Outside the EU/EEA” of the KRAV Standards 2023 apply.
  • The KRAV Standards for agriculture can only be used in the Nordic countries.
  • The KRAV standards for fisheries are only applicable in the Northeast Atlantic and the Baltic Sea as well as in bodies of fresh water in the Nordic countries.

Take these steps to start the certification process

1 Download the KRAV Standards

Download the KRAV Standards and determine the changes you may have to make to your production in order to comply with the standards.

2 Register your business

Register your business with KRAV at MittKRAV.

3 Contact a certification body

Contact a certification body accredited for KRAV-certification for assistance.