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The KRAV label stands for food produced without artificial chemical pesticides, good animal welfare, reduced climate impact, more biodiversity and better working conditions. Eat better. Eat more sustainably - for the planet and for people.

KRAV – a Label for Organic Food
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Cleaner environment and better health

KRAV-labelled food is produced without artificial chemical pesticides and fertilizers. This results in cleaner water, cleaner air, more fertile soils and increased biodiversity in the vicinity of KRAV-labelled crops.

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Reduced climate impact

KRAV has 37 standards that are good for the climate. For example, all KRAV-certified companies must only use electricity from renewable energy sources. Also, KRAV farmers with grazing animals must cultivate grass and clover, which binds carbon dioxide from the air into the ground.

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One of the purposes of the KRAV Standards is that biodiversity is protected and developed. Since no artificial chemical pesticides are allowed on KRAV-certified farms there are more flowers and plants that can feed bees and other pollinators.

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Animal welfare

On a KRAV-labelled farm, the natural needs of animals are prioritised. Animals can be out of doors and graze as much as possible. This results in feed, natural activity and contributes to the animals being strong and healthy.

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Better working conditions

KRAV-certified companies must take responsibility for the working conditions and working environment of their employees. This is especially important when products to be KRAV-labelled are imported from countries with weak social legislation.

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For companies

Get the KRAV label

Are you interested in getting the KRAV label on your products? Great! There are two options if you want to get the KRAV-label on organic products that are imported or brought in to Sweden; become a KRAV-licencee or find a KRAV-certified importer.

Support and tools

Find downloads that can help you if you are KRAV-certified or supply to a KRAV-certified company.


Read our most frequently asked questions about being KRAV-certified and supplying to KRAV-certified companies.