Supply to a KRAV-certified company

Find a KRAV-certified company to import or bring in your products.


A company must be certified according to Chapter 16 of the KRAV Standards in order to import or bring in and KRAV-label products.

  • Products certified as organic according to Regulation (EU)848/2018, or other standards recognized by the EU, may be KRAV-labelled if the production complies with the KRAV extra requirements.
  • These extra requirements depend on the type of production.
  • They must be verified annually, in the primary production and in the steps where production or processing takes place.
  • The KRAV-certified company is responsible for compliance with the extra requirements in the KRAV Standards.
  • If your production already has an organic certification above the level of the regulation (EU)848/2018, check if the standard is recognized by KRAV as complying with the extra requirements for the type of production in question.
  • When the extra requirements have been verified, the importer, as KRAV-licensee, must register the product(s) in question on the KRAV website.
  • When that has been done the licensee can market them with the KRAV-label.
  • During the KRAV-licensee’s annual audit the certification body will check how compliance with the extra requirements is documented.