How you can fulfill KRAVs extra requirements

Verification of all extra requirements must be carried out on-site in the primary production and in all steps where production, packaging or processing takes place. The KRAV-licensee is responsible for that the production complies with the extra requirements, and has to be able to demonstrate it. To do this the following ways are possible: 

  • A: Recognized Systems for Certification or Supplier Evaluation.
  • B: Verification of the extra requirements through checklists.

A:  Recognized Systems for Certification or Supplier Evaluation, which fulfill KRAV’s Extra Requirements for Social Responsibility

KRAV has recognized other certifications and systems for supplier evaluation as equivalent to parts of the KRAV's extra requirements in Chapter 16. Some of the extra requirements refers to all kinds of products and some are specific for a certain kind of product.

Here you will find:

B: Verification of KRAVs Extra Requirements through KRAVs Checklists

The verification can be carried out by a certification body accredited for organic production using the relevant checklists. KRAV strives to make verification agreements with certification bodies working in organic certification. These certification bodies market the service, evaluate the system and are updated with KRAVs latest checklists.

At the moment, these certification bodies have verification agreements:

Australian Certified Organic
Balkan Biocert
– BIKO Tirol
– Biohellas
Bio inspecta
Bureau Veritas
– CAAE Aragón
Control Union
Ecogruppo Italia
– Food Safety
– Lacon
Oregon Tilth
Organic Control System
– Organic Farmers & Growers
– Organska kontrola
Quality Certification Services 
– Suolo E Salute

A cerification body without a verification agreement can also verify the extra requirements as long as they are accredited for organic production. The extra requirements on social responsibility can also be verified by a person qualified to carry out such an audit.

The certification bodies may not issue a certificate that KRAV's extra requirements are met. They shall only verify the extra requirements according to the latest checklist developed by KRAV. 

The verification can also be carried out by a person with competence to audit organic production, on behalf of a KRAV-licensee. This person must be independent in relation to the supplier that is being verified. 

If all the extra requirements are met, the checklist shall be sent to the KRAV-licensee. Since the KRAV-licensees are responsible for the KRAV-certification they must always assess if the extra requirements are fulfilled, based on the filled in and signed checklist.

KRAV checklists

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