How to obtain the KRAV-label for your products

KRAV´s Standards require more than the EU-regulation for organic production.

Here we describe what to do to get the KRAV-label on organic products that are imported or brought in to Sweden. There are two options: either you find a KRAV-certified importer or your company apply to become a KRAV-licencee.

A: Find a KRAV-certified company who wants to import or bring in your product

KRAV has Standards for Import and Bringing In Products (Chapter 16). A company must be certified according to KRAV's Standard Chapter 16 in order to import or bring in and KRAV-label products. Products certified as organic according to EU Regulation (EC) 834/2007 or other Standards recognized by EU, may be KRAV-labelled if the production fulfills KRAV´s extra requirements. These extra requirements depend on the type of production. They must be verified annually, in the primary production and in the steps where production or processing takes place. The KRAV-licensee is responsible for the fulfilment of the extra requirements in KRAV's standard.

If your production already has some kind of organic certification, above the level of EC 834/2007, check if the Standard is recognized by KRAV as fulfilling some of the extra requirements for the actual type of production.

When the extra requirements have been verified the importer, as KRAV-licensee, must register the product(s) in question at KRAV's website. When that has been done the licensee can market them with the KRAV-label. During the KRAV-licensee's annual inspection the Certification Body will check how the fulfilment of the extra requirements are documented.

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B: Become a KRAV-licensee

A company must be certified according to KRAV's Standard in order to KRAV-label the products. The KRAV-licensee is responsible for fulfilling the KRAV standards. Primary production can only be certified when it takes place in the Nordic countries. Processing companies, as well as companies packaging and handling unpacked products can be certified also outside the Nordic countries. If the production is located outside  EU and EEA, the section 3.10 in the KRAV Standard 2017 apply.

Follow these steps to start the process:

  • Download KRAV´s Standards (link to the left) and find out which changes you might have to do in your production to fulfill them.
  • Register your business with KRAV »
  • Contact a Certification Body accredited for KRAV-certification and they will assist you.

KRAV-accredited Certification Bodies that offer KRAV-certification outside of Sweden.

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