For Certification Bodies

KRAV welcomes new certification bodies interested in offering KRAV verification or certification!

Verification of KRAVs Extra Reguirements

Organic products and raw materials certified according to EC regulation 834/2007 and produced outside of Sweden may be KRAV-labeled by a KRAV-certified importer. The production must also fulfill KRAV´s extra requirements throughout the entire supply chain. The fulfillment has to be verified by an independent part. Our extra requirements differs depending on which type of production you consider, but some are relevant for all types of production.

A Certification body that certifies an operator outside of Sweden according to EC 834/2007 may also offer the service to verify KRAVs extra requirements to the operator. Please observe that you may not issue a KRAV-certificate unless you are KRAV-accredited (see below).

Please find more information about our extra requirements here.

KRAV have made check lists with KRAV´s extra requirements. These can be used to verify if KRAV´s extra requirements for different types of production are met. The checklists are updated annually.

Verification Agreement

To facilitate for your customers you can sign a Verification Agreement with KRAV. Then you will get information when the checklists are updated and KRAV will also market your service of offering Verification of KRAV´s extra requirements. KRAV offers this service free of charge. To get an agreement please e-mail: 


Certification according to KRAV´s Standard

A certification body which certifies according to KRAVs Standard must be accredited according to ISO 17065 (earlier ISO Guide 65/EN 45 011). With a KRAV-accreditation you may issue KRAV-certificates to your customers. These enables your customers to act on their own on the Swedish market independently of KRAV-certified importers.

A KRAV-accredited certification body should be able to show that you:

  • have an environmental policy
  • set up annual targets for environmental impact
  • systematically follow up these targets

You should also take part in KRAVs calibration meetings twice a year.

If you want to certify in accordance with the KRAV Standard, please apply for a certification agreement with KRAV. Along with the application, please submit a copy of an agreement with your accreditation body and a timetable for accreditation. In Chapter 18 in KRAV´s Standards, "Standards for approved certification bodies"  you find the Standards that certification bodies should fulfill.  Please email for more information about how to become a KRAV-accredited certification body.

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