Buy KRAV-Labelled Products!

If you feel lost in the aisles, look for the KRAV-label! The KRAV-label helps you choose the right products.

Food that carry the KRAV-label have been produced in an environmentally friendly and ethical manner. Consumers can rest assured that the production of a product with the KRAV-label has been inspected.

KRAV-certified companies use the power they have to contribute towards sustainable food production. You can use the power you have as a consumer. Producers and retailers pay attention to the demands of consumers. Consumers have a lot of influence.

Any shop can sell KRAV-labelled food, but KRAV-labelled products are most likely found in KRAV-certified shops.

The KRAV-Label is Part of the Solution

The KRAV-label is the most well-known symbol in Sweden for organically produced food. The KRAV-label on a food product shows that it has been produced in an environmentally friendly and ethical way. The label signifies that cultivation has been carried out without artificial fertilizers and chemical pesticides – a cultivation that protects watercourses from synthetic chemicals and stops the exposure of farmers in poor countries to dangerous pesticides. It also indicates animal husbandry that is adapted to an animal's natural needs as well as food processing without artificial additives.

KRAV-labelled food is naturally healthy. It is food that has been able to grow and ripen according to its own requirements - fruit and vegetables grown in fertile soil, without stress. It is food that is as honest as possible, without synthetic flavours, sweeteners or hydrogenated fats. Every KRAV-labelled product carries these added values. Thus a more pleasant and healthy food preparation experience results from the use of KRAV-labelled products.

All farmers, food producers, fishermen, retailers and restaurants that work according to the KRAV standards are members of a global family. It's a family that together with all conscious consumers promotes increased production and consumption of organic food worldwide - a family that is part of the solution.

The KRAV name and label are registered trademarks.

KRAV was founded in 1985 to create a reliable labelling of organic food and make it easier for consumers to protect the environment via daily purchases. KRAV was established in the form of a registered association with member organizations spread throughout the country. The office is in Uppsala.

KRAV Promotes Organic Production and Consumption

KRAV promotes organic production and consumption in a variety of ways, for example through development of standards, international cooperation, influencing public opinion, marketing and dissemination of information.

The KRAV approach involves working for increased production and consumption of organic food and use of raw materials from organic farms, aquaculture and fisheries.

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